The Workplace of Tomorrow
Remote work is here to stay and it goes far beyond the four walls of your house. Experience the neooverse today.
Much More than Online Meetings
Plan meetings, set individual work hours, and monitor employee attendance easily with a full-feature interactive virtual office that can help you run your business and maximize your staff productivity.
Make Virtual Conversations Feel More Natural
Walking in and out of conversations is easy in the neooverse. Simply approach the person you would like to talk to and start a virtual call straight ahead. Conversation should always feel natural and with neooverse, it always is.
Put the Fun Back in Online Learning
With neooverse, you can be fully immersed in the sense of togetherness that a traditional classroom brings. Teach, learn, and collaborate as you would in a face-to-face class.
(Virtual) Office Spaces for Rent
neooverse is the first and only virtual space environment in Dubai. With this, any business owner can establish their business in the UAE even without having a physical office space.
Embrace the Familiar
neooverse allows you to maximize your productivity by being fully integrated with the tools you're most familiar with. With your virtual workspace on one side of the screen and your office suite and project management software on the other, the workplace of tomorrow is right in your fingertips.
Host Your Very Own E-Conferences
Hosting your very own conferences, summits, or other business talks is easy with neooverse. Maximize attendance and interaction in every event you have moving forward.
Transact with neoocoin
Buy, sell, and trade with neoocoin, neooverse's own cryptocurrency.

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